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논문 상세정보

문화적 문식성의 교육적 실현에 대한 방법적 회의

Methodical Doubt Pertaining to the Educational Realization of Cultural Literacy

국어교육연구 no.36 , 2015년, pp.595 - 632   http://dx.doi.org/10.17313/jkorle.2015..36.595

This study originated from the critical view that cultural literacy remains at the conceptual level of explanations in the dimension of theory, and it need to be changed to a concept of educational performance with the power of execution as a task. It is time to examine and trace the concept, components, objective, target, and teaching contents of the field of cultural literacy. These procedures are expected to contribute towards the advancement of the educational realization of cultural literacy. Above all things, in relation to the meaning of cultural literacy, I tried to criticize existing awareness in the dimension of knowledge and conceptualize the same from a different point of view, which covers functions and attitudes. Moreover, I have attempted to restructure cultural literacy, by planning multi-layered structures such as the functional, cultural and critical layers. In order to examine whether cultural literacy was realized in effect in the education or not, I explored the curriculum and diagnosed the real state of cultural literacy, wherein it was observed that it is not realized in the aspect of educational contents and teaching methods. Further, I raised the problem of a literacy, which reflects a dimension of attitude besides the state of illiteracy as one of the educational tasks of cultural literacy. Based on the theoretical reviews, I proceeded to examine the aspect of how cultural literacy was realized in reality. I ascertained how cultural literacy worked in the dimensions of function, culture, and criticism through the aspects of the acceptance of .

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