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대각선 쓰기: 한글의 형태와 방향성을 고려한 쓰기 방법 실험

Diagonal Writing: Experimental Writing Method in Consideration of the Form and Direction of Hangeul

글짜씨 v.7 no.2 , 2015년, pp.135 - 151  

This paper is a visual experiment initiated by my curiosity to find out what sort of aesthetic information (method of artistic expression) of letters would appear if a letter (Hangeul) was written in seamless writing based on its form and direction (directionality). By interpreting and considering Hangeul from different angles, I attempted to expand the meaning and form of the letter, surpassing the primary function of communication (tool). With the new order, form, meaning and so on, which are assigned to this process as the principle, I was compelled to blur the conventional boundaries of typography, information graphics, and map design. Such categories blur into one contiguous whole. This new type of artwork, seamless writing, has two visual characteristics. One is that the form of seamless writing created by deconstructing Hangeul is read more like a map rather than words. And the other is that the deconstructed text is perceived to have quantitative meaning rather than textual meaning. This artwork is intended to allow viewers to see various points of view, unfolding the material as text that can be seen, as a picture that can be read, as a map, and as information graphics. Thus, expanding the multiplicity of methods that comprise of design language and proposing the possibility of the experimental method.

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