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논문 상세정보

신장장애인의 질환 이후 생애경험에 대한 현상학적 연구

A Phenomenological Study on The Life Experiences of People having Kidney impairment

한국장애인복지학 no.30 , 2015년, pp.145 - 169  

This study aims at laying the foundation for building fundamental data and knowledge of the living experiences of people with renal disease. Especially this study tries to deeply understand how and in what ways people with renal disease experience disability in day-to-day life. The study also tries to draw the implications for supporting them in the context of welfare and policy. For the study, 15 people with renal disease took part in this study as participants. Semi-constructed questionnaire was used for depth interview and phenomenological methodology constructed by Giorgy was employed for the analysis of data generated by interviews with participants. At the first stage of analysis, 186 meanings were found, and 20 themes were extracted from 149 from which 37 of irrelevant meanings were excluded. The 20 themes were analysed and rearranged into 4 critical area: ‘fail of kidney’, ‘dialysis means...’, ‘Family and job: lost name’, ‘another life following the disease’. In the ‘fail of kidney’, details of the reasons why the participants had renal disease were introduced, and in the ‘dialysis means...’, it was described how hardly participants have struggled for their lives with the disease. The part of ‘Family and job: lost name’shows in what ways the families have collapsed in the middle of struggle with disease, and in the last part of ‘another life following the disease’, the cases were introduced through which it was understood how participants have confronted the difficulties. The part emphasized that support from family members and their fellows who have same disease plays a key role in rebuilding a new life after having disease.

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