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논문 상세정보

형평교수법과 전인격적 접근을 통합한 다문화시민성 함양 수업 모형 - 대학의 ‘창의적 사고와 표현’ 수업의 텍스트 활용 사례

A Model for Multicultural Citizenship Education Integrating ‘Equity Pedagogy’ and ‘Multidimensional Approach’: A Case Study of a University Class Titled ‘Critical Thinking and Expressions’

텍스트언어학 v.39 , 2015년, pp.71 - 110   http://dx.doi.org/10.22832/txtlng.2015.39..003

In this study, the importance of ‘thinking and expression education’ in promoting multicultural citizenship is discussed, and effective teaching methods of this topic are explored. This study developed an education model integrating ‘equity pedagogy’ and ‘multidimensional approach’; this is a case using multicultural texts (Korean film, ‘Bandhobi’) in a class titled ‘Critical Thinking and Expression’ based on this model. Multicultural citizenship education should be provided using a multidimensional approach. At a cognitive level, multicultural citizenship education should rationally study alternatives to overcoming unequal relationships in a multicultural society; at an emotional level, it should improve a sense of being considerate and hospitable to others by enhancing emphatic abilities. At a behavioral level, it should cultivate citizens who try to eliminate inequality through communication and solidarity and who have a strong sense of responsibility and passion in building a just, democratic society. Bank’s ‘equity pedagogy’ intends to help students acquire a sense of multicultural citizenship by changing the power relationship between the learner and the teacher, by leading the learner to become an active producer of knowledge, by helping students learn from each other through cooperative learning, and also by encouraging students’ active participation in exercises and activities. Based on examining a university class using this educational model, this case study suggests that to promote a sense of multicultural citizenship, students should be provided with various opportunities to actually participate, communicate, and bond with others in a multicultural society.

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