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논문 상세정보

대학수학능력시험 현대시 기출 문항 분석 및 개선 방안

An Analysis and Improvement Plan on the Past Test Questions of Modern Poetry in College Scholastic Ability Test

배달말 no.57 , 2015년, pp.321 - 348  

In this study, I identify the problems and explore an improvement plan by analyzing the questions from the previous 5 CSAT targeting the area of modern poetry which are grasped as its standardization of questions is remarkable compared with other areas of Korean language.First, analyzing the past questions of the CSAT in the area of modern poetry in recent 5 years in the aspect of question form, the questions of modern poetry are composed as one question of material-addition and more than one questions of subject-independence, but it reveals severe standardization of the question types that even the subject of each question from tests is presented almost similarly. In addition, in terms of contents, I identify that measuring inferential thinking ability and critical thinking ability is their assessment purpose. It shows the assessment is undertaken with bias to the aspect of ‘understanding and embracing the contents of the literature.’ To step forward to the desirable direction such as contributing learner’s higher and complex thinking, reflecting the goal and contents of high school curriculum consistently and faithfully, the area of modern poetry of CSAT should improve as follows. First of all, various assessment questions should be developed by breaking away from typical questions. in the question of material-addition case, presenting critical materials is eschewed associated with analysis of the work phrases or auteurism criticism. Secondly, in the assessment contents, creative thinking assessment should be also undertaken, getting away from the tendency that is focus on measurement for inferential and critical thinking by centering on appreciate and understanding of literary works.The most important matter is ensuring validity of the assesment questions of CSAT in order to suggest desirable direction of assessment and prevent the commotion of main agent of education in an era of rapid change, the introduction and abolition of the graded test. Therefore, in the area of modern poetry of CSAT, various efforts should be also made to improve assessment questions consistently so that learner’s literary ability is able to favorable evaluation and break away from the typology.

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