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논문 상세정보

스포츠기업의 프로모션을 위한 UCC(User Created Contents) 이용 동기에 따른 만족도와 스포츠 참여 의사결정에 관한 연구

An Examination of Relationships among Motives of User-Created Sports Contents Uses, Gratifications, and Decision-Making for Participation in Sports

한국체육과학회지 v.24 no.6 , 2015년, pp.743 - 755  

This study intended to examine relationships among UCC usage motives, satisfaction, and participation in sports. For this research, a total of 280 questionnaire were given out to college students who have viewed UCC. Except for 22 of them, a sample of 258 questionnaire were used to analyze data, and the convenience sampling method was employed to obtain their response. In order to attain the goal of this research, frequency analysis, factor analysis, reliability analysis, and correlation analysis were carried out by means of SPSS 15.0. In addition, AMOS 7.0 was utilized to perform confirmatory factor analysis, and subsequently path analysis was made to verify the established hypotheses. The findings of this study were as follows. First of all, information, entertainment, and differentiation factors had a statistically significant relationship with gratifications. Meanwhile, a sociality factor did not have statistically significant influence on gratifications. Lastly, gratifications were shown to have a significant effect on decision- making for participation in sports.

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