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논문 상세정보

60년대 세계문학론의 코드화 과정-60년대 후반 비평을 중심으로

The Process of Incoding the World Literature in 1960s -Focusing on Criticism in the Late 1960’s

우리문학연구 no.49 , 2016년, pp.341 - 373   http://dx.doi.org/10.20864/.2016.01.49.341

This paper studies the stabilizing process of world literature through a notion of being self-referential, as it had become relatively subdivided and privileged in tensions withe Korean literature in the late 1960s. It also aims to understand the process of the emergence of world literature the oppositive binary structures of backwardness/ex-backwardness, Korean literature majors/foreign literature majors, Korean literature/world literature by incoding, and digs into the details and causes of the literary field inside. First, a self-awareness of ex-backwardness within Korean literature was experienced accompanied by the appearance of foreign literature majors who had made efforts to overcome it. Kim Su-yeong, in particular, tried to deal inferiority complex of the Korean literature with the awakening of backwardness. Other foreign literature majors proposed an accurate translation of western literature, or they planned to internalize world literature into the Korean literary field by criticizing it. Second, Kim Hyun and Kim Ju-yeon emphasized the special nature of Korean literature and its specific archeology. However they overlapped Korean literature and world literature with each other, leaving “zero” space between the two. Third, Baek Nak-cheong established a genealogy of Korean literature and world literature thus allow co-exist in an identical horizon, securing an equality of the literatures by imagining the world literary republic. Their distinctive conception of the world literature was possessed exclusively as a novelty of Korean literature the 60’s, which impacted the formation of a privileged concept of world literature, bringing with it an upheaval of the oppositive binary structures mentioned above. A conception of world literature in this era separated the West and Korea, or escaped from the structure of universality(evil)/specificity(virtue) and internalized it into the Korean literary field, which caused the development of the idea. Their world literature of world literature, however, could not be free enough from the Eurocentric conception to consider hierarchical violence and keen competitive composition, so that it was operated within the limits of the modern discourse. Although these limits were reasoned practically through the Third World Literature in the 70s or the universal world literature, the 60’s world literature was imagined as the final destination to be arrived at, the ideal modernity to refer, and the world republic where co-existence would be peaceful.

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