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논문 상세정보

계열별 대학 글쓰기 교육의 변화와 발전 방향 연구 -경북대학교의 글쓰기 교육을 중심으로

A Study on Change and Development Direction of College Writing Education by Department -Mainly with Writing Education of Kyungpook National University

문화와 융합 v.38 no.1 , 2016년, pp.39 - 78  
이상옥, 안미애

The writing education of college has the specialized purpose and course by colleges but also has a problem that its phase is instable as it is liberal arts. This study started with awareness of crisis that for the writing education of college to settle its phase as a compulsory subject, our purpose should not focus on only “writing” for improvement of communication ability. Therefore, in this study, the concept of “transition” would be adopted. To secure the necessity and the effectiveness of the writing education, the acquisition of writing ability should be able to apply for another area such as their majors. This study is about the discussion the writing education of college which is based on the premise as mentioned above. First, as the starting point of the discussion, the writing education of Kyungbook National University which has experienced lots of changes on its phase was chosen as a subject of study. In the writing education of Kyungbook National University, its phase has changed from an elective subject to a compulsory subject, again to a main elective subject for a short time. During the changing time, they experienced the change from integrated writing education to the writing education which is merged into writing education by department. With this change, the writing book’s content and form as the medium of the realization also changed. However, as a result of discussion, in spite of the effort for the change, the writing education was reorganized from a compulsory subject to an elective subject and its phase in liberal arts has reduced. To Strengthen its phase in liberal arts, the effectiveness and necessity of the writing education should be reconsidered. Therefore, the writing education of Kyungbook National University should be adopted the concept of transition and the integrated writing education course of common and systematic should be divided. Also, to promote effective transition to study area or practical area, sufficient training time is needed. As above discussed, to secure necessity and effectiveness of the writing education in college, planning and operating with consideration of transition are needed.

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