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논문 상세정보

죽음 이후의 세계의 서사적 계보와 상상적 전이 - 한국 문학에 나타난 ‘유계(幽界)’의 의미적 지평들

(A) Genealogy of the Life after Deathand the Imaginative Displacement - on the Semantic Horizons of the Astral Plane(幽界) in Korean Modern Literature -

인문학연구 no.51 , 2016년, pp.175 - 204  

This study is intended to dealing with the distinct characteristics of , the space called as 'astral plane'(幽界) in particular with the spatial concept of the afterlife in Korea modern literature. It was important for human to describe the literary narrative about the world after death for a long time. Due to the fact that no human could experience his(her) death in advance, even then, he(she) couldn’t tell it, death is always the major philosophical issue of human’s and the sum of human imagination. Ideas about the afterlife in Korea, however, couldn’t develop so widely because of experience under Confucianism for the Joseon Dynasty period. Yumyung(幽明), the distinct recognition between life and death as a boundary, just plainly demonstrates that fact. However, it was certain that marginal grounds, that crosses the boundaries of life and death has appeared in Korean Modern literature. In this paper, I am determined that the change of space, 'astral plane'(幽界) that appears in the literature, was due to the impact of Ward's work. Asano Wasaburo(淺野和三郞) translated the first stage(astral plane) of the seven stages that appeared after the death as 'Yukye'(幽界). in Ward's work in Japan.

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