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논문 상세정보

IPA를 활용한 커피전문점 선택속성에 대한 고객의 인식차이에 관한 연구

An Importance-Performance Analysis of Differences in Customer Perception of Coffee Shop Selection Attributes

관광연구저널 v.30 no.2 , 2016년, pp.117 - 135  
최성일, 이수범

The domestic coffee market is showing rapid growth despite the economic downturn, and emerging as a large industry which is little affected by the impact of the recession. As a result, it is also of paramount importance for them to identify the consumer’s nature along with their purpose of visiting the shops and further their select properties in order to cope with the sophisticated demand of the consumers. This thesis is focused on identifying and developing marketing strategies for the purpose of enhancing the competitiveness of the coffee shops by presenting the implications and development directions in view of the above-mentioned current coffee market situation. Also, applying the behavioral analysis of consumer attitudes, to confirm the consumer’s differentiated selection properties as to the specific coffee shops which have a competitive advantage in terms of market share for the current coffee market, and analyze the consumer’s attitudes concerning their select propensities in their intended choosing of specific coffee shops. The research results conduce through Importance-Performance Analysis on coffee shop select properties, show that the entry menu located in the first quadrant on customer satisfaction portfolio that should continue to maintain the current good performance contains the service quality, the quality of coffee and the physical facilities. Second quadrant to be improved actively, is the accessibility, the items put down in the third quadrant to be improved gradually are promotional events, menu variety and the items placed in the fourth quadrant, which need to be kept constantly, appeared as the brand.

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