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논문 상세정보

가산자료모형을 이용한 HMR구매 수요결정요인 분석: 가공식품을 중심으로

Estimating the Determinants of Home Meal Replacement Products

외식경영연구 v.19 no.2 , 2016년, pp.79 - 100  
한상린, 이성호, 문지효

As the home meal replacement(HMR) market has been growing rapidly in the food industry with the increasing number of busy workers and individuals who live alone, many people are interested in HMR products. This study aims to investigate the major factors that affect the demand of HMR products and to suggest how to develop new prodcts and marketing strategies for HMR. This study used Truncated Poisson(TPOIS) Model and Truncated Negative Binomial(TNB) Model because the dependent variable of this study was count data truncated zero. From a survey of 1187 HMR product customers, we found significant determinants of demand for HMR. The results of this study indicate that job, gender, ‘trendㆍgourmet orientation lifestyle’, ‘healthㆍsafety orientation lifestyle’, checking food information, perception of food quality had significantly positive effect on demand for HMR, whereas ‘purchase convenience orientation lifestyle’, importance of brand, price and product composition had a significantly negative effect on demand for HMR. The study contributes to understanding determinant of demand for HMR and suggests how to successfully conduct marketing.

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