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논문 상세정보

20세기 초 미국미술의 정체성 만들기: - 1913년 「아모리쇼(Armory Show)」를 중심으로

American Identity in the early 20th Century and the Armory Show

대구사학 v.123 , 2016년, pp.323 - 366  

Since the early 20th century, new movement had tried to reflect the real American society, which changed rapidly after the industrialization by breaking “Genteel Tradition,” especially in New York. This movement was not exceptional in American art. Many American artist tried to get our of National Academy of Design, which wanted to control artists by jury and prize, so they sought ways to express their intuition and instinct freely and to reflect the real American society at that time. From the turn of the century, many metropolitans such as New York, new characteristics happened because of industrialization and various immigrants, so many artists thought that this kind of reality wasn’t reflected in American art. In this sense, the Armory show, took place in February of 1913 could be an important event to form new identity and culture in American society. The Armory show was the exhibition, which tried to make the foundation of new identity and culture suitable for the early 20 century America with interactions between traditional American art and radical European Modernism. After the Armory show, American critics and people began to accept European Modernism and the characteristics and nature of American art would be different. Thus the Armory Show was the most important exhibition in American history by reflecting the real American society, showing the rapid changes in the United States, and seeking the development of American art through various layers of interactions.

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