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논문 상세정보

인디뮤지션 교육정책 패러다임의 전환에 대한 고찰: 인디뮤지션의 교육경험과 교육기관특성을 중심으로

The Paradigm Change of Current Education policy in a Field of indie musicians: Focusing on indie musicians’ Education experience and Characteristics of Education System

예술경영연구 no.38 , 2016년, pp.185 - 209  
김종하, 정윤경, 전경란

Previously known as “Creating Factory,” which first implemented in 2008, Performing Arts Fostering Program (PAFP) has launched in 2013 as a new version of grant policy for performing arts in Korea. PAFP has aroused high interest and expectations among performing arts groups for its long-term support and large grant size. The purpose of this study is to draw some useful strategical development schemes for PAFP, based on the program’s in-dept analysis and a set of comparative case analyses of the US, the UK, and Canada.By employing the concept of Rose(1991; 1993)’s Lesson-Drawing approach, this study is designed into two layers of analyses, an in-depth analysis and a cross-national analysis, as a means to systematically explore PAFP’s underpinning ideas, supporting genre, goals, methods, and evaluation system. The results of the analyses show that there are some fundamental miss-match and disagreeable perspectives between PAFP and the selected cases in terms of two core values: artistic excellence and substantiality. This leads to the conclusion that there are critical missing parts in PAFP: those are the lack of philosophical discussions and foundational research studies that are directly linked to the policy’s clear vision and goals.This study concludes that establishing clear vision and goals are extremely important to the policy identity and its strategical development scheme for the success of PAFP. Finally, this study recommends profound reexamination of PAFP’s basic principals and the articulation of the scope of its actual benefactors to empower its governance and constituency.

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