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논문 상세정보

17세기 소설의 사랑과 운명 - ‘적강 모티프’ 활용의 맥락

Love and the Fate of Korean Classical Novel in 17th century - the context of applying the ‘banishment from heaven’ motif

고소설연구 no.41 , 2016년, pp.177 - 208  

I researched the context of applying the ‘banishment from heaven’ motif in Unyeong-jeon, Sukhyang-jeon, Guunmong, Sossi-samdae-rok and Changseongamui-rok, masterpieces of Korean classical novels in 17th century. Unyeong-jeon took advantage of the ‘banishment from heaven’ motif as a device to alleviate tragic nature of the work and to conceal the seriousness of theme. Sukhyang-jeon emphasized fatalism by combining the ‘banishment from heaven’ motif and the plot of prophecy. The fatalism of Sukhyang-jeon seemed to consolidate the ruling system on the surface, but it meaned a support for free love against the medieval bondage on the hidden side. The ‘banishment from heaven’ motif of Guunmong also had a double face. It corresponded with the ruling ideology to support the male-dominated free love and polygamy, while it had a equality-oriented liberal idea that upper women accept the lower women as equal beings. Sossi-samdae-rok, a sequal to So-Hyeonseong-rok, took advantage of the ‘banishment from heaven’ motif as a device to reinforce the male-dominated view of justifying polygamy and regarding discord of wife and concubine as the absolute evil. Changseongamui-rok removed the innovative side of ‘banishment from heaven’ motif consciously and maximized only its conservative side. Instead of eliminating the elements of free love from the ‘banishment from heaven’ motif, it added a logic that God's chosen people, as the embodiment of ruling ideology, were expected to win in history. Now fatalism turned into a logic to justify a ruling order.

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