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논문 상세정보

바울의 성령 이해와 그리스도의 몸이 지닌 공동체적 의미 - 대안 사회로서의 고린도교회

Paul’s Understanding of the Spirit and Christ’s Body and Its Communal Meaning - The Corinthian Church as an Alternative Society

신약논단 v.23 no.2 , 2016년, pp.441 - 476  

This article is a comparative study of Paul’s metaphor of Christ’s body and Seneca’s metaphor on Nero’s body. Based on the ways in which Paul interacted with the believers in Corinth, I highlight the anti-hierarchical and egalitarian nature of Christ’s body. Paul exhorts the community facing schism and division to restore concord while maintaining diversity. Such values as equality, mutual respect and interdependence among the Corinthian believers are of particular concern for Paul. For Paul, pneuma plays a crucial role in forming and sustaining Christ’s body. The Spirit is a common foundation of knowledge and faith for every believer. At the same time the gifts that the Spirit distributes to believers are diverse. In other words, the Spirit shapes the church in such a way that it is guaranteed with equality and diversity, leaving little room for elitism and hierarchy among the ‘spiritual’ people. It is in this context that Paul finds the ‘body’ metaphor apt and fitting. Popular among the Stoic philosophers, the body metaphor was often used in justifying the established order of the Greco-Roman society. Paul transforms it radically so that it could serve to advocate the equal relationship among believers. By virtue of Paul’s notion of the Spirit and his somatic metaphor, the Corinthian believer could form a community with an alternative value system and order to its surrounding society. An alterative community to the outside world, the church in Corinth is encouraged to put their faith into practice in the various contexts of communal life.

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