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논문 상세정보

새로 발굴한 방언(15

The Investigation of the dialect words used in a regional dialect in Korea(15)

방언학 no.23 , 2016년, pp.203 - 234  
박경래, 김정대, 곽충구, 강영봉

The purpose of this paper is to introduce and investigate the new dialect words that are used in a regional dialect in Korea. Twelve dialect words are introduced in this paper. This twelve dialect words are all the important linguistic material from the lexical and cultural point of view. This dialect materials were recorded from native speaker's dialogue or dictation. This dialects include three new words in Chungcheong-do, Kyeongsang-do, Hamkyeong-do and Cheju-do dialect respectively. Chungcheong-do dialect words were written by Park Kyeongrae(Semyung University). One word relate with a goods for child care and two words are adverb denotes degree and cause respectively. Kyeongsang-do dialect words were written by Kim Jeongdae(Kyeongnam University). Three words include relate with a sort of soybean paste, a noun denotes specific place and parts of facility. Hamkyeong-do dialects words were written by Kwak Chunggu(Sogang University). These three words include relate with a the Manchu language loan, widely differentiated noun and a goods for life. Cheju-do dialect words were written by Kang Youngbong(Cheju University). Three words are all related with traditional house. We set out the standard word corresponds to dialect, a part of speech, a definition of the dialect word, a diversity forms of the each dialect word, related area, illustrative sentences and explanation to each dialect word. We can find through this work that the new dialect words makes significant contribution to study of the dialect. And the new dialect words enrich our vocabulary.

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