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논문 상세정보

미국 원격의료제도의 연구현황과 시사점

The Present Condition of the Telemedicine System in the United State and Its Implications for Korea

법학논총 v.40 no.2 , 2016년, pp.191 - 210   http://dx.doi.org/10.17252/dlr.2016.40.2.008

As we move into a ubiquitous society, early aging society, there is an increasing demand of the people for telemedicine, medical law in order to conserve and improve the quality of health care accessibility and improvement of national health care costs and provisions for telemedicine. Korea is a smartphone ownership rate in the world top 88% Year 2015, wireless high-speed Internet subscribers, so as 53.75 million people is more than South Korea's population 51.32 million people Internet communications development by becoming request the people to telemedicine internet meet and Medical Services It is increasing. Medical Law Article 34 Joe Act enforcement regulations Article 29, Joe, but acknowledged telemedicine using information and communication facilities to define the acceptable range of telemedicine for medical support among doctors and medical personnel, and did not leave the detailed rules for telemedicine substantially you can see that staying in 'medical advice' level between health professionals. The government over twice in 2013 and 2014 - recognized telemedicine between the "doctor-patient" and some specific telemedicine target and although propose medical law revision bill containing the information on the responsibilities of doctors, government, medical and and it drifted into a conflict of interest in the industry. The subject of telemedicine, actions and objects that allow the current medical law has stopped, at least, it remains in an incomplete state does not systematically be expected that the revised draft law, it is necessary to compare the legal research. So remote and the need to review the medical institutions around the world that are performed, in particular, it is necessary to get specific suggestions to review the relevant provisions of the United States is the most advanced telemedicine. Most of the American Telemedicine belongs to the Secretary of State (州) non-federal affairs, and so we have different regulations for each state, despite the need to specifically look into each note telemedicine system, and most of the domestic research the federal level it has been introduced in telemedicine has somewhat lacking if hagieneun utilized for maintenance of remote health-related legislation. Based around a market order, and most judicial bodies on the license system is by and operated, based on the telemedicine in taking into account the telemedicine situation in the United States that apply telemedicine, depending on the insurance system, operating in the United States footnotes Act itgie we need to analyze them in detail, reviewing against the US remote medical system introduced in our country, and explores the implications. Since the gwanghal targets across the country have been implemented telemedicine, but differ in many respects our country and narrow territory, statues, regulations relating to telemedicine in the United States footnotes. medical board statements, including the large number of bars that indicate the country has an incomplete current health care legislation.

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