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논문 상세정보

유치권자가 신청한 경매에서 채무자의 매수신청 허용여부

Yes or No of Purchase Application Permission for Debtor on Auction under a Lien

집합건물법학 v.19 , 2016년, pp.111 - 141  
우경, 장건

This study set up the direction of research about whether or not the regulation, 'A debtor can not apply for auction purchase application' apply to auction under a lien in Civil Execution Rules article 59 No. 1. In this research, a method of study is chosen by analyzing existing main literature, precedent and scholar's opinion of yes or no purchase application permission for debtor on auction under a lien to get new interpretation and task for this. auction under a lien is made from burden that auction applicant attract for a long time for property that is object of lien. and the goal is liberation of Lien holder. With such situations, a debtor doesn't exist in ‘action proposed by lien holder‘ in identical meaning such as Compulsory auction or auction for exercise, etc. of security right. In conclusion, in the case of auction under a lien if someone allows a debtor to report on purchase, the debtor have to pay money equivalent to Secured claim of Lien with Price paid at successful bid. if things come to this stage, the debtor will be abe to draw conclusion that Secured claim is repaid. So in the case of auction under a lien we can see like this : the owner, a debtor can report on purchase at Auction procedure.

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