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논문 상세정보

국제결혼중개계약과 혼인신고의 문제점과 해결방안

The Problems and Policy Recommendations on the International Matrimonial Mediation Contract and Registration of Marriage

한양법학 v.27 no.3 , 2016년, pp.77 - 100  

Korea has made great advances in the success of the industrialization. As a result, the marriage problem of rural bachelor's issue of the impact of urbanization and the shortage of workers could have been a problem since the mid-1980s. The international marriage has increased as a way to solve the bachelor's marriage. This trend was caused by the company to arrange the international marriage. The international marriage brokerage company that was caused by this phenomenon. However, the brokering companies that international marriage had caused many problems in the pursuit of profit. This paper try to solve the problem of marriage registration in international marriage and international marriage brokerage. In Chapter 2 is about problems of international marriages and international marriage brokers problems that appear in the statistics. Chapter 3 presents the concrete problems of improvement marriage brokerage. Chapter 4 study of a new legislative model, research on international marriage brokerage in Taiwan. A Study on the marriage registration associated with an international marriage in chapter 5. The State intervention should be minimized to the marriage, but because of the personal damage is enormous, international marriage brokerage must have intervened significantly. There are way international marriage brokers it is to amend the current law to be improved and now two ways to establish a public foundation. This should be the choice of which system will be determined in the future by a lot of discussion and research. Marriage registration should the formal qualification not practical. Only so, disguised marriage will be prevented.

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