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논문 상세정보

Timely Interventions can Increase Smoking Cessation Rate in Men with Ischemic Stroke

Timely Interventions can Increase Smoking Cessation Rate in Men with Ischemic Stroke

Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing v.46 no.4 , 2016년, pp.610 - 617  
이민정, 박은정, 김현창, 이혜선, 차명진, 김영대, 허지회, 남효석

Purpose: Smoking cessation is strongly recommended for every smoker after ischemic stroke, but many patients fail to quit smoking. An improved smoking cessation rate has been reported with intensive behavioral therapy during hospitalization and supportive contact after discharge. The aim of this study was to demonstrate the usefulness of the timely interventions for smoking cessation in men with acute ischemic stroke. Methods: Patients who participated in the timely interventions strategy (TI group) were compared with those who received conventional counseling (CC group). In the TI group, a certified nurse provided comprehensive education during admission and additional counseling after discharge. Outcome was measured by point smoking success rate and sustained smoking cessation rate for 12 months. Results: Participants, 157 men (86 of the TI group and 71 of the CC group), were enrolled. Mean age was 58.25 ± 11.23 years and mean initial National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale score was 4.68 ± 5.46. The TI group showed a higher point smoking success rate compared with the CC group (p = .003). Multiple logistic regression analysis showed that the TI group was 2.96-fold (95% CI, 1.43~6.13) more likely to sustain smoking cessation for 12 months than the CC group. Conclusion: Findings indicate that multiple interventions initiated during hospital stay and regular follow-up after discharge are more effective than conventional smoking cessation counseling in men with acute ischemic stroke.

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