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논문 상세정보

쓰시마에서 중심지 이동과 그 원인

Movement and Cause of Central Place in Tsushima

한국지리학회지 v.5 no.2 , 2016년, pp.181 - 195  

This study looks into the movement of central place in Tsushima by dividing into three periods, since dispatching the central managers in 667. The results of this study can be summarized as follows. First, Gechi (鷄知) and Izuhara (嚴原) were estimated as the central place from 667 to 1245. So (宗) family had been the dominant force since 1245, there was the movement of central place which is Izuhara (嚴原, 1245~1349), NiI (仁位, 1349~1398), Shitaka (志多賀, 1398~1408). Second, Saka (佐賀) period (1408~1468), there were the conquest by Lee Jongmu (Chosun) in 1419, but Saka was more convenient region for exchanges with Chosun because it was located in the northern than Izuhara. Third, Izuhara (嚴原) period (1468~1869), So (宗) family had been broken relationship with Shoni (小貳) (1477) and had been incorporated into the Feudal lord (1588) and took part in Japanese invasion war to Chosun. There was the movement of the central place in Izuhara inner region. Dobunsha (島分寺) was central place from 701 to 857, and after being relocated in 1468, there was movement of the central place from Naga-mura (中村), via Ikeno-chi (池の地), and Kane-ishi (金石), and finally into Sajiki-hara (棧原). The major regions as central place in Tsushima were Gechi, Nii, Shitaka, Saka, and Izuhara. Especially, Izuhara is the central place in Tsushima during the longest period. The causes of central place movement were the location of administration office on central dispatch, internal dominant force changes in Tsushima, the regime changes of mainland Japan, and relationship with lord of Kyushu.

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