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논문 상세정보

대중매체에서의 노인죽음 담론

Discourse on Death of Elders in Mass Media

한국케어매니지먼트 연구 no.18 , 2016년, pp.47 - 69  

This study focuses on discussing the progress of reporting stance of newspapers on death of elders, the standard of social effects, terminology and expression used to form death of elders, and the established discourse in this matter. In addition, the major solutions provided in mass media have been examined by analyzing newspaper articles on death of elders.Through this study, the reporting stance along with meaning of contents of newspapers on discourse of elderly death was defined, along with discussions for solutions in mass media.The target for analysis were editorial articles related to death of elders from January 2000 ~ December 2015. A total of 114 articles were selected and organized as the final targets for analysis.The discourse on death of elders were analyzed in 7 different topics, including ‘starvation’, ‘accidental death’, ‘suicide’, ‘heat wave’, ‘death by solitude’, and ‘disease’. Results displayed that among the discourse, ‘suicide discourse’ had the most cases among social issues.

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