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논문 상세정보

치아우식 고위험군 환자에서 우식위험평가를 활용한 치아우식증 관리: 증례보고

Dental Caries Management of a Patient with a High Caries Risk Based on the Caries Risk Assessment: a Case Peport

대한치과재료학회지 v.43 no.3 , 2016년, pp.231 - 238   http://dx.doi.org/10.14815/kjdm.2016.43.3.231
이동현, 홍성옥, 이석련

Dental caries is a multifactorial, transmissible, infectious oral disease caused primarily by the complex interaction of cariogenic oral flora with fermentable dietary carbohydrates on the tooth surface over time. At the tooth surface and sub-surface level, dental caries results from a dynamic process of attack (demineralization) and restitution (remineralization) of the tooth matter. These events are modulated by many factors, including number and type of microbial flora, diet, oral hygiene, salivary flow and buffering capacity, and resistance of the tooth structure and composition to caries. Times has proven that dental caries cannot be controlled by restorations alone. Understanding the balance between demineralization and remineralization is key to caries management. Therefore management of caries as a disease entity is the ability to individualize caries diagnosis and treatment for each patient. Assessment of the caries risk of the individual patient is a critical component in determining and appropriate abd successful management strategy. The use of specific products about remineralization and antibacterial modalities is essential to control the disease and improve the oral health of high-risk individuals. This case report describes managing caries for a patient who has high caries risk and improving his oral self-care.

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