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논문 상세정보

헤어미용실에서의 서비스품질과 관계품질이 고객 행동의도에 미치는 영향

Effects of the Quality of Service and Relationships on the Behavior Intention of Hair Salon Customers

대한미용학회지 v.12 no.3 , 2016년, pp.243 - 250   http://dx.doi.org/10.15810/jic.2016.12.3.007

This study examined the effects of the quality of service and relationships on the behavior intentions of the residents living near Seongnam-si. To analyze the data, IBM SPSS Ver. 24 statistical package program was used. After frequency analysis, Cronbach’s α was used to verify validity and reliability on a selective variable. For factor analysis, principal component and varimax were used. Also, multiple linear regression analysis was performed to identify potential impact among variables. It showed that customer’s behavior intention was influenced by service quality, such as specialization, reliability, reputation, corporeity and sympathy, and relationship quality, such as trust, satisfaction and immersion. Related to service quality, reputation and reliability were most important on the improvement of relationship quality. Relative to the behavior intentions of customers, revisit intention was influenced by reliability, specialization and reputation while word-of-mouth intention was most influenced by reliability and reputation. It was also observed that revisit or wordof- mouth intentions improved in proportion to immersion and satisfaction of factors related to relationship quality.The results suggest that hair salons should have a great interest in quality of service and relationships and in structural components including parking lots and leisure place.

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