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논문 상세정보

쇠퇴지역 재생을 위한 국비지원사업 개선방안 연구: 도시활력증진지역개발사업을 사례로

A Study on the Improvement of Policy for the National Grant in Urban Regeneration Programs: On the Case of Urban Revitalization Region Projects

도시행정학보 v.29 no.3 , 2016년, pp.63 - 90  
김홍주, 김륜희

In 2008, the government, with the vision setting of its regional development policy as 'the creation of competitive regions to secure jobs and the quality of life, started to support according to the catagorized national space by its characteristics. While progressing, the projects of 'Making cities to want to live in' which had been implemented before, were integrated into 'Urban revitalization region projects'. These projects are for the urban areas with the population of more than 0.5 millions and include the projects of residential regeneration, downtown area regeneration, basic living infrastructure, regional community reinforcement. Also, it is the first policy that professes the urban regeneration and may be called a pilot policy of urban regeneration projects which are now carried out. The purpose of this study is to find out the issues and suggestions of policy from analyzing the mechanism of the completed regional projects which started in 2010. So, in this study, from the performances of urban revitalization region projects so far, firstly I analyzed the spatial characteristics of the completed projects by types in their regions, secondly I analyzed the project mechanism from the case study by its type and looked into the achievements and problems, finally I drew some suggestions of policy for the urban regeneration projects.

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