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논문 상세정보

컨벤션 프로젝트관리자의 직무특성과 핵심역량이 조직유효성에 미치는 영향 연구

A Study for the effect of Job Characteristics and Core Competency of the Convention Project Managers on Organizational Effectiveness

관광레저연구 v.28 no.9 , 2016년, pp.377 - 392  
윤영혜, 윤유식

This study aims at human resources development in the convention industry, a representative knowledge-based industry in the tourism sector. In particular, the study was conducted to extract core competencies and job characteristics of convention project manager serving as the professional convention services. In order to deduce the survey research, we examined pre-studies of job characteristics, core competencies and organizational effectiveness. Of the 600 surveys distributed, 420 were returned. excluding 28 which were found to be inappropriate, 392 were found to be valid to be analyzed as samples. To examine the effects of job characteristics and core competency of the convention project manager on organizational effectiveness, structural equation modeling(SEM) was established and employed. Finally, from an academic point of view, the role of human resources is important, but research is very scarce situation in the convention industry. The value of this study is a proof of the need for vigorous research activities on human resources in the convention industry.

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