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논문 상세정보

소수자의 자기 존중 교육 방안 - 다수자 관점의 ‘관용’에서 소수자 관점의 ‘자기 이해’로

Self - respect Character Education for Minority Students: From ‘Tolerance’ by the Majority to ‘Self - comprehension’ by the Minority

The SNU Journal of Education Research v.25 no.1 , 2016년, pp.247 - 265  

This study proposes self-comprehension as an alternative to tolerance in order for social minority students to gain self-respect. This study is especially focused on the ‘eyes’ that see me as a social minority and examines how this affects the identity formation process of a subjective self (I) and an objective self (Me). If one is caught up in the ‘I’, the person is likely to be self-centered. In contrast, if someone is caught up in the ‘Me’, the person is likely to be nervous and anxious about how others see him/her. The latter form of self is usually seen in the social minorities, and J. P. Sartre called this kind of person ‘Being-for-Others’. Then, how can we convince them to respect themselves even when society views them negatively? Currently multicultural education is focused on the majorities’ tolerance, but this is not appropriate to foster self-respect in minorities. It is in the process of self-comprehension that the minority can face their identity and finally respect themselves as beings who have their own eyes and life stories.

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