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논문 상세정보

인터랙티브 엔터테인먼트의 본질적 특징에 관한 연구

A Study on the Essential Characteristics of Interactive Entertainment

애니메이션연구 v.12 no.3 , 2016년, pp.184 - 203  

The Digital age has brought about technological innovation in the whole society and is showing strong cultural creative power, compared with the print age in the past or the sound and the image-centered age. And the culture of the new paradigm, in which the passive users are changed and developed into more positive and active con- tents creators through the expansion of network and the explosive growth of the SNS (Social Network Service) industry, has begun to emerge. Amid such trends of the times, the interactive entertainment has rapidly grown into the mainstream field of the cultural contents industry as the popular influence of the digital natives, who inhale digital tech- nologies like air and utilize them, increases. Actually, the interactive entertainment is creating the cultural contents of the new paradigm such as not only the existing games but also social creator contents by changing passive users into more active and positive creators through interactive forms and characteristics. The industrial development and success of the interactive actions more productive. Particularly, it can be said that the formation and variability of the signs shown in the semiotic characteristics of the inter- active entertainment are important characteristics factors that support the creative char- acteristics of the signification so that they can be actually realized. Thus, the users of the interactive entertainment can be absorbed in the playful pleasure, which they can- not experience easily in the traditional contents field such as plays, movies, TV dramas, and music, through the interactive actions and the creative signification.

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