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논문 상세정보

요양병원 입소자의 여가관리 실태조사

Leisure Management Survey in Patient of Medical Care Hospital

한국엔터테인먼트산업학회논문지 v.10 no.5 , 2016년, pp.199 - 207  
박수향, 박수희

The purpose of this study is to grasp the actual condition of nursing home residents' leisure management and suggest measures to improve this in the future. Study participants were 103 persons and a statistical analysis of 100 questionnaires was made except 3 questionnaires to which the response was insincere. In the results of leisure activity type, the percentage of persons who watched television was 83%, and it was the highest. The number of cases that participated in leisure activities for 1 hour or over and under 2 hours was the largest. Most of them were in leisure activities at ward. With regard to obstacles to leisure activities, physical problem accounted for 70%, and it was the highest. Therefore, with regard to leisure type, it is necessary to support the residents so that they enjoy hobby and culture category, and extend leisure facilities so that they can easily participate. Besides, 77% of them want leisure education. So, it is thought that a leisure activity program in which residents can participate according to leisure type in which they are interested should be constructed as well as extending necessary leisure facilities in the future. The results of study can be used as data useful for improving the nursing home residents' leisure management and will be helpful in specifically constructing a leisure activity program within the nursing home. It is thought that there is necessity for fact-finding survey including various regions and more residents in further research.

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