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논문 상세정보

발달장애아동 가족지원 서비스의 질 향상을 위한 부모의 어려움과 삶의 질 인식 및 욕구 조사

Study On The Difficulty Of Parents Of Children With Developmental Disabilities, Recognition Of The Quality Of Life And Needs For The Services To Improve The Quality Of Family Support Services

통합교육연구 v.11 no.2 , 2016년, pp.217 - 247   http://dx.doi.org/10.26592/ksie.2016.11.2.217

This study was implemented to analyze difficulty of the families with children with disabilities, recognition of the quality of life and needs for the services in order to improve the quality of family support services for children with disabilities. For this purpose, researchers conducted semi-structured interviews with 16 parents who have the children with developmental disabilities and a nationwide survey targeting 240 parents. The difficulty of the families is divided into six areas such as economic difficulty, difficulty in parenting, difficulty of health maintenance, difficulty of family interaction, difficulty in social relationship and difficulty of daily life. The area of the quality of life is composed of 5 sub-areas and 25 questions such as physical and material wellbeing, raising activities, family interactions, emotional wellbeing and the disability-related problems. The area of the needs for family support services is composed of 16 questions according to the same 5 areas of the quality of life. The result of interviews and survey about the difficulty of the families indicates that the order of the difficulty level is parenting and care, additional expenses(medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, etc.), leisure(travel, performing arts, hobbies, sports activities, etc.), income and economic activities(such as dual-career couples), child's upbringing (including discipline of parents) from high to low. For the level of the quality of life in the families, family interactions is high but emotional wellbeing and disability-related supports are comparatively low. For the level of the needs for the family support services, parenting support activities, physical and material wellbeing support are resulted high. For the detailed needs, ‘activity support of children with disabilities, caring or parenting support’ is the highest and nextly ‘leisure, culture, physical education programs for disabled children,’ ‘educational support for children with disabilities including after-school, season school’ is in the order. Through this study, the potential family problems could be predictable, and then a precautionary level of family support measures would be provided. Moreover, the relevant elements needed to construct the family support program could be extracted through this study and those elements also could be used as evaluation factors to measure the result of intervention and practice of family support services.

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