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논문 상세정보

여성, 결혼, 문화 전파: 오토 2세와 테오파노의 결혼식(972

Women, Marriage, and Cultural Transmission: The Marriage of the Holy Roman Emperor Otto II and the Byzantine Princess Theophano (972)

숭실사학 no.37 , 2016년, pp.391 - 423   http://dx.doi.org/10.16942/ssh.2017.37.12.11

Throughout the period of Theophano’s marriage (972) to her death (991), Byzantine culture spread north to Ottonian Germany. By becoming Empress Consort of the Holy Roman Empire, Theophano exerted a butterfly effect on art, architecture, and the diplomatic documents of the chancellery. Furthermore, she did not abandon her relationship with Byzantine religion and culture, and consequently played the role of cultural ambassador. To assist in the transmission of the Byzantine culture, she also used the royal female religious foundations at Gandersheim, Quedlingburg, and Essen, to form a close community with the royal women. Through the translation of Greek literature, the provision of education for the nuns, and the invitation of the orthodox spiritual fathers, she successfully transplanted her native culture into Germany. Even though there was occasionally resistance to foreign cultural influence, the cultural transmission and mediation through the maternal line played a significant role in the diffusion of Byzantine culture among the Ottonian elite. With royal aid and protection, Byzantine culture diffused into the members of the royal family. The Greek-Latin bilingualism created a favorable environment for fostering social cohesion about ‘the other’ or integration with others. Despite criticism from clerical writers, the continuous use of her own language contributed to Theophano’s cultural identity. However, she was not a passive recipient of mutual interaction with the local culture, and maintained a close relationship with both local and Byzantine people to listen to their advice and opinions. Theophano’s grand plan was to adopt, integrate, and compromise the elements of both cultures.

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