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논문 상세정보

기술의 발달과 예술 창작 : 2000년대 한국과 프랑스의 예를 통한 인터넷과 영화제작의 관계를 중심으로

The technical development and artistic creation : with the examples of the South Korea and the France between 2000 and 2010

영상문화 no.29 , 2016년, pp.243 - 270  

Since the nineties, the spread of the Internet and its devices has enabled many producers, distributors and moviegoers to change their attitudes towards movies. Furthermore, since the 2000s, the spread of high-speed Internet, which can deal with various types of information at the same time, has led to the power of image culture. The big and small changes in the activities of film-related workers and movie-watching people are beginning to coincide with this period. If so, how and why has the new medium of the Internet been introduced and utilized in this situation where there are already existing ways of producing, distributing and watching movies? Our work has focused on demonstrating that the technical characteristics of the Internet like the easy access, the hypertextuality and the interactivity can explain the changes noticed in the activities, specially, linked to the cinematographic production. Concerning the production area, all stages become participatory. The interaction is created between filmmakers and the audience and between the future audience and the works and between filmmakers and the audience. Glimpsed with the evocation of the technical features of the Internet, the production is influenced by the Internet in the sense of a popularization – which can result in public participation – and of immediacy. These two main effects were not synonym with a radical change in the area but, according to us, with a significant transformation in the cinematographic field.

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