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논문 상세정보

온라인 대중 공개강좌(MOOC) 한국어 수업에서 학습자 참여형 쓰기 평가의 효용성

The Efficiency of the Peer Assessment for the Wring Task at Korean Language Course in MOOC platform

리터러시 연구 no.18 , 2016년, pp.223 - 246  

The purpose of this study is to propose the evaluating rubric for peer assessment at Korean writing class in Massive Online Open Courses. MOOC contents would be used as online teaching materials for blended learning in general universities from now on. Peer assessment is a useful move to obtain the authenticity and pragmaticism of the evaluation facets especially in MOOC. Besides, students will get the high efficiency and positive reinforcement as fulfilling the assessment task using their own Korean writing genre knowledge during the required evaluating progress. For this, we should consider some premises as follow: first, the online course should be organised in different time mandatory system from the off line undergraduate classroom. It will be a reasonable way to produce 6-7 week contents which are organised by total 650 minute instructional materials. Second, students' diligent participation degree should be examined and included in their achievement result. Third, the evaluation process and the rubric acquisition should be part in the on/off line curriculum of the blended learning course, which will be the meaningful experience to the second language learners.

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