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논문 상세정보

소프트 스킬과 하드 스킬의 교육적 함의

Educational Significance of Soft Skills and Hard Skills

실과교육연구 v.23 no.1 , 2017년, pp.1 - 17  

This study was performed to review core-competency related practical leadership in a view point of skills and to explore the strategy that can be used in the public school effectively. And the main contents of this study were composed of the concept of reviewing skills, the role and the hierarchy of human skills, comparative analysis of the simpler skills with the complex skills, and the relationship modeling between skills and educational core-competency. The method of literature review with research was used in order to achieve the goal of this study. The results of this study were as follow. The relationship model was designed through the process of data collecting, synthesis, analysis, summary and description of diagram. Physical competency was divided by consciousness and unconsciousness behavior. Emotional competency was separated to latent and expressive emotion. Cognitive competency was categorized to theoretical and experiential cognition. Skills were divided by soft skills with hard skills. Finally, the relationship among these skills, technology, and technological skills was drawn. Because of the high rated relationship between practical science subject and skills, this subject should be organized and managed to the learning strategy that is combined with skills for students’ future life.

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