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논문 상세정보

버킷리스트 분석을 통해 본 예술가 집단의 통찰에 관한 연구

Study on Insight of Artist Group through the Analysis Bucket List

기초조형학연구 v.18 no.1 , 2017년, pp.429 - 444  
정유진, 조택연

Every human being tends to gain an insight into something as much as people favor beauty. Why do human beings look around and try to have an insight? Desire for insight, is this universal feeling of human being? This study examines human mind and confirms whether it is manifested in individual emotion or universal emotion of human species. Also, if the mind of human being is turned out to be universal emotion, this study further examines intrinsic desire of the emotion and interactive mechanism. This study uses evolutionary psychology that reviews psychological mechanism of human being through the process of evolution in terms of cognitive neuroscience and biology. This study, as theoretical consideration, particularly reviews human mind, especially based on brain in view of cognitive science considering anatomical features and role. In order to understand the mind of human being based on above material, this study sets direction for 'analysis of Bucket List' and conducts survey among expert group of artist. First, unlike hypothesis that there may be characteristics of artist group, this study confirms that universal behavior of human being is commonly manifested in experience, memory and insight in every age group surveyed. Second, this universal emotion is an interactive insight that let people reflect themselves through past experience and memory and also let people collect thoughts together and understand relational structure. This kind of characteristic of insight is more common as the average age group goes up. Third, this categorized universal emotion shows differences according to age group. Particularly, the age group with peak insight was similar to the age group that has increasing myelin. This implies that there is correlation between myelination period of brain and insight period of mature middle-aged brain and this proves to be universal emotion of human being.

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