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논문 상세정보

해외유해사이트 접속차단으로 침해되는 성인이용자의 권리를 사법적으로 구제할 가능성 검토 — 정보통신망법 제44조의7상 청소년유해매체물 차단 조치로 침해되는 해당 사이트 이용자의 권리 및 그 권리의 사법적 구제방안 논의

Review of Possibility of Judicial remedy of Adult’s rights infringed by blocking access to harmful overseas sites

법학연구 v.27 no.1 , 2017년, pp.233 - 261  

Korea Communications Standards Commission has blocked access to sites keeping servers overseas and harmful to minors. This is because information provided by the sites corresponds to illegal information prohibited by Article 44-7 of 「the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications network utilization and Information protection, etc」. The blocking prevents the minor from being exposed to the harmful information, but the right of the adult to access that information is infringed. This study examines whether the right can be remedied by the current legal system. First, the right of users who are infringed in this case are evaluated as extended cyber Access rights. In relation to the eliminating the infringement of the above right, it is said that ⓐ raising an appeal ⓑ to make administrative appeals and administrative litigation ⓒ to make constitutional appeal are possible. However, I think It is difficult to actually use the above schemes. First, the right of appeal is not granted to the users of blocked sites. Administrative appeals and administrative litigation can not be filed due to the lack of eligibility of plaintiffs. For constitutional appeal, it is judged that it meets the legal requirements of the claim and can proceed to the main judgment. However, considering the attitude of the Constitutional Court, it is unlikely to make a decision of unconstitutionality. However, there is a good chance that the Principle of excessive prohibition is violated. First, it can be said that the regulation did not minimize the damage because self-regulation is also effective in the case of the United States and Japan. Second, we can see that infringed interests such as freedom of expression and the right to pursue happiness are greater than the public interests this regulation intends. Judging from the above, the possibility of judicial remedy of the rights of the user on this matter is currently low but there seems to be enough to discuss the possibility of decision on unconstitutionality. I urge study in this area from now on to focus on supplementing judicial remedies.

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