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논문 상세정보

장애위험아동 지원을 위한 특수교육의 역할: 근거이론을 적용한 초등특수교사의 인식 분석

The Role of Special Education in Supporting Children at Risk for Disabilities in Elementary Schools: A Grounded Theory Study

학습장애연구 v.14 no.1 , 2017년, pp.165 - 193  
김지연, 김우리

This study investigated experiences and perspectives of special education teachers in elementary schools on educational supports for children at-risk for disabilities. Focus group interviews were conducted with special education teachers and data were analyzed using grounded theory. The findings revealed that children at-risk for disabilities experienced difficulties on academic achievement and social relationship with peers in schools. These difficulties were caused by internal factors including low IQ, and academic and emotional/behavioral problems as well as external factors including family and school environments. To provide education that meet the children’s needs, a variety of approaches including (a) collaborative efforts among special education teachers and professionals in the school and out of school, (b) valid, reliable, and detailed assessment conducted by professionals for accurate identification, (c) increasing responsibility of homeroom teachers, (d) maximizing the potential of special education teachers, (e) providing effective teaching and learning strategies, and (f) parent training and family supports were required. These approaches made a possibility to prevent disabilities. Analysis results based on the grounded theory classified special education teachers for the educational supports for the children into four types, director, cooperator, supporter, and teacher exclusively responsible for children with disabilities.

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