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논문 상세정보

「어셔 가의 몰락」의 이율배반과 근원으로의 회귀

Antinomy and Return to the Origin in “The Fall of the Usher”

영어권문화연구 v.10 no.1 , 2017년, pp.119 - 143   http://dx.doi.org/10.15732/jecs.10.1.201704.119

This paper is to analyze “The Fall of the Usher” by E. A. Poe with characteristics of Gothic architecture and Gnostic philosophy. In the novel, the images of dungeon, nooks, archway, vaults, labyrinthine or winding stairs with their darkness remind us the conception of fear, anxiety and death. The suffering, confinement, physical collapse of the House and falling of Roderick and Madeline Usher are considered to belong to Gothic elements. The novel reveals biblical and mythical materials implicitly, but Poe do not aim at Christian redemption. It is possible for him to be affected by gnosticism including alchemy and mysticism. For Poe, the immortal destiny dwells in the house before all beings return to God of Abyss or Death. The dragon and evil in the dark Gothic building would test the soul of men. While Roderick's anxiety and Madeline's illness are painful, their death means the end of suffering and the start of liberation. His burying her alive and facing their death together are regarded as the attempt of returning the pure and perfect state in heaven before they exist on earth. Poe's writing process is associated with the escape from the evil, mystic experience of Gnostic philosophy, the disappearance of Matter and ultimate unity with divinity through spiritual awareness.

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