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논문 상세정보

생산적인 스포츠복지 향상을 위한 델파이 조사

A Delphi Study for the Betterment of Productive Sports Welfare

한국엔터테인먼트산업학회논문지 v.11 no.3 , 2017년, pp.163 - 172  
김종성, 이양구

The purpose of this study is to use a Delphi study on experts in order to collect basic data needed to develop a guideline for student athlete’s academic support program and athletic club schedules that are desperately needed to promote student athletes’ sports welfare. The academic support program is an online system which allows for systematic and organized management of student athletes’ academic achievements by not only keeping track and accumulating personal information, grades, and competition records and schedules, but also facilitates information sharing and communication amongst the coach, teacher, parent, and student. The athletic club schedule management guideline serves to help schools’ athletic department and organizations hosting competitions prevent important academic schedules and competition and league dates from overlapping, which can infringe upon student athletes’ right to learn. A Delphi study was conducted on 15 subjects comprised of experts in school sports, including professors, teachers, and coaches. The study found that when an academic support program is developed, the needs of teachers, coaches, parents, and student athletes concerning information and contents should be looked into and reflected in the program. Furthermore, the study found that such programs should student athletes feel that learning is fun, and should help students get a holistic education so that they can build character, focus on their studies, and practice sports. In addition, the Delphi study showed that in order to prevent overlapping schedules between education and sports events, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism should set out a competition scheduling guideline that takes into account the academic calendar by designating academic events that students are required to attend. Moreover, the study found that competitions and leagues should take place during vacations or weekends, and that each respective sports association consult and coordinate with schools in advance.

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