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논문 상세정보

영화 <여자, 정혜>와 <한공주> 비교 연구- 성폭력의 서사와 치유의 방식을 중심으로

A Comparative Study on and


The object of this thesis is to compare the narrative strategy between the two films “A Woman, Jung-Hae” and “Han Gong-Ju”. The objective is to examine the difference of expressive methods and aesthetic characteristics in these films which is based on sexual violence. In these films, the life of the female characters who suffered sexual violence is clearly distinct. “A Woman, Jung-Hae” describes the life of Jung-Hae, a woman who is unhappy in the present because of the memory of being raped in the past. She kept the memory of being raped to herself. The film shows how her old wound has a bad influence on Jung-Hae's present life. On the other hand, in the film “Han Gong-Ju,” Gong-ju is a victim of multiple sexual violence which has not yet been judged. She was suffered both from the shock of sexual violence and from the partial point of view of a male-dominated society. The last scenes of these two films describe protagonists, who improve life in their own way. “A Woman, Jung-Hae,” focuses on the inner change of Jung-Hae who tries to be friends with the world through the healing processes of her emotional wounds. In particular, the film, ”A Woman, Jung-Hae” expresses the theme well through cinematic techniques such as montage, hand-held camera photography, and extreme arrangement of shots. “Han Gong-Ju” focuses on the self-awareness of Gong-ju who realizes the absurdity of society. “Han Gong-Ju” uses the montage technique, which inserts a past scene or fantasy scene in the present scenes. This film also depicts a duplicated structure which shows motives in the past that were revived in the present. This means that the life of Gong-ju was unfortunately influenced by the environment and people who surrounded her. “A Woman, Jung-Hae” takes a pitiful emotion out of audiences by focusing on the protagonist’s daily life, which is full of loneliness and fear. On the other hand, “Hang Gong-Ju” imparts criticism on society and requires a self-reflection out of audiences by focusing on the unfair dealing of society with a victim of sexual violence.

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