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논문 상세정보

高等學校 漢文敎科書의 通時的考察

Periodic contemplation in Chinese textbook of high school

동방한문학 no.2 , 1983년, pp.200 - 228  

Chinese which springed about 3B·C was used as practical letters till mordern education generalized, regardless of the Korean script made in the 15th century. So, in this manuscript I try to grasp problems throught contemplation in Chinese textbook, and to see into the direction in which education runs by settling them as well. The policy of Chinese education is connected with that of language, and confuse of language policy brings about that of Chinese education. And besides the course of education is separated into Chinese I and II, and become to increase completion unite. Inquiring with classifing by period; The 1st period is the time of confusion, that is, before chinese text is inedpendent. The 2nd period begins with independent subject of China, and as the period of reflection, the textbook is standandized as state books, and the contents also get to systematize. The 3th period is the time of settlement, when subjectivity is emphasized, and the Chinese textbook is changed as an authorized textbook. The 4th period is the time after Chinese textbook changes again in 1984. Looking into the textbook to have been already published, it deepens, variety and organization in the direction of Chinese education made in the 3th period, and is on the step of modification of the imperfection. According as the 1st period runs to the 4th period, at the same time subjectivity is strengthened, and emotional aspect is intensified more than educational aspect, and I can see the contents is systematized. The way of addition of Chinese text book up to date is as follows. An item is to be attatched, so as to let learners well-know the need of Chinese education. Literary works should be elected runing for learners more than for publishers, and set a goal of inner faithfulness under the external balance. The object of this manuscript is the following. We should comprehend Chinese which mentioned the thought and emotion of ancestors for nationalized education with cultivation of the subjectivity. Therefore we should appreciate correctly the cultural inheritance with the sprit of our ancestors, and try to hand down to our descendants by making learners succeed to the fine inheritance. We need essentially the appreciation of Chinese, so as to comprehend the thought and inheritance of ancestors and to succeed to it.

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