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논문 상세정보

환원 소성을 위한 실험용 전기가마 축로 연구

A study on the experimental electric kiln building for reduction firing

한국도자학연구 v.14 no.1 , 2017년, pp.47 - 62  
손지웅, 원주안

This is a study on the axial furnace and firing of laboratory electric kiln for reducing firing. Conventional laboratory kilns, which are usually sold on the market, are oxidation-oriented electrical laboratory kilns, which can only do oxidative calcification in the study of glaze experiments and possession necessary for the work of potters. This study was designed to increase the temperature mainly by electricity such as electric furnace, but to reduce and burn the product by using rotary oil burner, wood, industrial large gas torch, This is a study on the multi-purpose experiment. In addition, it was made to be capable of reducing and firing by various experiments using only oil and gas without supplying the electrolytic solution. In the case of a conventional reduced-firing electric kiln, a reducing agent is added to the firing chamber. However, in this method, the reducing action does not reach the entire firing chamber uniformly, and oxidation phenomenon easily occurs in some portions. In order to compensate for these disadvantages, the furnace was separated from the upper and lower parts, and the lower part was made into a combustion chamber using gas, oil, wood, and the like. When the flame burned in the lower combustion chamber rises to the firing chamber and is burned, the reducing atmosphere is artificially controlled so that the reducing action can be made uniform throughout the firing chamber. The electric capacity is about 3 KW and it can be used well in ordinary households. The internal volume can be regulated by 8 small water cups. Specifically, a size of 30 mm × 30 mm test piece is capable of burning more than 60 pieces of 5 pieces of 12 pieces on one end. The basic temperature rise is the electric heating wire, which burns fuel that can be reduced to gas, wood, kerosene, etc. in the lower combustion chamber from 950℃. In addition, when the heat is not available, the above fuels alone can raise the temperature to the conglomerate. The purpose of this study is to make use of the framework of electric experiment which is easy to write in general, and to use it as a reducing agent, such as gas and wood oil, It is to develop a useful electric laboratory kiln that can be easily manufactured with very low cost and minimal effort.

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