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논문 상세정보

부모의 양육행동 유형에 따른 유아의 인지능력 차이 및 부모역할의 상관관계 분석

The Effects of Children’s Cognitive Ability and Parent’s Interrelationships on the Parents’rearing Involvement and Rearing Difference

미래유아교육학회지 v.24 no.2 , 2017년, pp.75 - 100   http://dx.doi.org/10.22155/JFECE.
김숙이, 전정민, 이선미

This study investigated variations in mother and father involvement in child rearing activities. Subjects were 80 families whose oldest children were between the ages of 4 and 5 years. In this study, it applied PRS(Parental Responsibility Scale), Parental Questionnaire method for the research instrument and t-analysis, parental interrelationships for the data analysis. According to the results, there were significant differences between parental involvement and children’s cognitive ability on the parent’s interaction and children. In addition, it was found positive relationships in the parental rearing behavior to the parents and the children’s interaction. Further, there were significant differences between father involvement and mother’s rearing behavior on the parents and children’s interaction. Results indicated that fathers participated in rearing activities at a significantly higher rate than mothers. This pattern held true in both dual-earner and single-earner families. Mothers spent a significantly higher proportion of their interaction time in functional and work-related activities whereas fathers spent a significantly greater proportion of their interaction time in play activities. Implications are discussed for future research in father involvement. Findings from this study indicate that the distribution of parental labor between mothers and fathers in contemporary society is not that different from that in previous generation of parents, and that a second-shift phenomenon exists in dual-earner families. Results also indicate that discrepancies in mother’ and fathers’ perceptions of parental involvement are negatively related to family functioning.

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