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논문 상세정보

대학 운동선수의 부모 지원과 운동스트레스, 진로태도 성숙도의 관계

Relationship among Parental Support, Athletic Stress and Career Attitude Maturity of College Athletes

한국사회체육학회지 no.68 , 2017년, pp.375 - 386   http://dx.doi.org/10.51979/KSSLS.2017.05.68.375
박장근, 이원희, 남서원, 김진우

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of parental support towards college athletes on exercise stress and career attitude maturity. The study subjects wree limited to college athletes in a metropolitan area. A total of 300 college athletes were selected as the samlipng size, and 269 subjects were analyzed afte r 31 subjects whose questionnaires had missing items were excluded. Data were input to the computer according to the appropriate guidelines, and then computed according to the purpose of data analysis using SPSS Window ver. 20.0. Statistical significance was set at p< .05. The results of the study are as follows. Firs t, parental support did not affect individual time constraints and feeling unjust about the exercise, which are sub-factors of exercise stress. Career modeling, which is a su-bfactor of parental support, was found to a-f fect functional dissatisfaction and career anxiety. Second, the analysis of the effects of parental support on the sub-factors of the attitude toward the attitude showed that caerer modeling affects the readiness, purpose , independence, and assurance of athletes. Specifically, language support was found to influence independence.Parental support sub-factors did not affect decision making. Emotional support had been shown to affect confidence. Based on the results of this study, university athletes should seek support from themselves or seek parental support for continuing the exercise by deciding the course in the right direction.

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