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논문 상세정보

가시리에 대한 음악적 고찰

A Musical Study on Gasiri

국문학연구 no.35 , 2017년, pp.99 - 120  

This paper studies what kind of song Gasiri of Siyonghyanggakbo is. Though Gasiri is a song which is transmitted in music score, researches on it have been biased to the lyric rather than to the music. It is because the rhythmic interpretation of the music score has not been completed. This paper investigates what kind of the song Gasiri is and how the meaning of Gasiri lyric is expressed musically by interpreting the rhythm of the music score and studying the mode, musical structure, and melody of the song. Gasiri turns out to be a song of Gyounggi province fork song style, in which the meaning of lyric is expressed in a short and simple melody. Gasiri’s mode Pyoungjo, the rhythm interpreted as four ternary subdivided beats (12/8), and the melody and cadence follow the characteristics of Gyeonggi province fork song. Among the 6-measures melody, the second measure which goes one octave higher up to the highest tone and the fourth measure which goes down to two tones lower express the heart which resists and surrenders to the breakup. Also the ways the lyric’s stanza, phrase, and syllable become song’s verse, phrase, and measure are slightly different from general ways, through which the meaning of the short and simple lyric is more emphasized.

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