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논문 상세정보

강태공전:초역(抄譯) 현상을 통해 본 방각본 소설시장의 일면

Kang-tae-gong-jeon(姜太公傳):A aspect of block print edition novel market by examining of a selected translation

열상고전연구 no.57 , 2017년, pp.187 - 220   http://dx.doi.org/10.15859/yscs..57.201706.187

The important element in growth of novel market is steady production of new contents. In the block print edition novel market, Chinese novels are significant contents sources. Chinese novels’ readers in Joseon Dynasty are three groups. The first group read novels in chinese letters, the second group read novels in translated Korean alphabet, and the third group read in selected translated Korean alphabet. The readers of the block print edition novel market are the third type. In this study focused background of translation in Chinese novels in the block print edition novel market. Chinese novel 「Hoshin Engi(封神演義)」 made a complete translated in 「Seojooyeon(西周演義)」 around the 17th century and was translated selected passages in 「Kang- tae-gong-jeon(姜太公傳)」 in the 19th century. The selected translation 「Kang-tae- gong-jeon(姜太公傳)」 is not the same source with 「Seojooyeon(西周演義)」, instead is similar to 「Hoshin Engi(封神演義)」. But the selected translation 「Kang-tae-gong- jeon(姜太公傳)」 is made of the work not in the phase of the block print edition novel but in the phase of circulated books probably. 「Kang-tae-gong-jeon(姜太公傳)」 removed the word “封神(:set up god)” and reorganized one man’s life story, and chose episodes being comprehensible under the family system and experiences of their lives. Through the phenomena, we knew the translation in the block print edition tried within self-knowledges. They cannot achieve ideal that objectify and broaden ‘self’ but in spite of the lack of resources-capital, writers, publishers etc.-they showed process of producing street knowledges. This study showed the criteria in editing and composing knowledges. When they accept new knowledges, they chose them as existing their criteria. In the process of selected translation, they identified themselves. Composing this work, they showed street knowledges, family life, filial duty roughly. As a result, the product 「Kang-tae- gong-jeon(姜太公傳)」 cannot try narrative techniques, cultivate original ideas. It is quite evident that their novel market makes new contents but revealed their limitations as well.

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