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논문 상세정보

외국인 학습자를 위한 한국어교육과정의 항목에 대한 일고

A study on the Items of Curriculum of Korean For Foreign Learners

현대사회와 다문화 v.7 no.1 , 2017년, pp.134 - 160  

As the Curriculum of Korean For Foreign Learners is included in under the general Curriculum, it should be defined in a large frame of education. Social consensus must first be formed. The pressure for the design shall exist in order to establish a Korean language course. Not only has foreign learners increased the extent to which they are not expected, but the goal of the learner is very diverse. Social pressure has already been formed for the needs of the Korean language courses for each purpose. If the situation is such, Components of the curriculum should be constructed of sub-curriculum’s items for these various purposes. For example, the educational objectives of the Academic objectives should be subdivided into classes in addition to the Korean language of everyday life, and the educational objectives that reflect the fields of ‘cross-major areas, basic major areas and major subjects, and cross-learnig functions, which are used in detail in the detailed subjects. These objectives should be subdivided into areas of interest as grammatical domains such as pronunciation, vocabulary, sentence, and skills of speaking dimensions, speaking, speaking, and writing according to levels of learners. Training content should also be documented according to the educational objectives. For example, the objectives to developing learning skills for cross-academical domains should be reinstructed in the contents specific to study expressions and procedures for listening university’s lecture, major, etc. or seminar, experimental Lab and literature, etc. Educational methods, education routines, education hours, education assessment, and educational assessment should also be explicitly stated under the large framework of academic objectives.

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