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논문 상세정보

동시대 미술의 가치평가에서 서사의 역할-다원주의시대에 적합한 평가 방식의 제안

The Role of the Narrative in the Evaluation of Contemporary Art - A Proposal for the Way of Evaluating Artworks in the Period of Pluralism

현대미술학 논문집 v.21 no.1 , 2017년, pp.229 - 257  

The paper aims to explain the feasibility and the limits of evaluating the quality of the contemporary art, and to propose a new method of evaluation in the pluralistic era through analysis of Arthur Danto’s theory and Noel Carroll’s theory. Before the end of art era, Danto argues that the various essences of art were used as yardsticks for the evaluation of works of art. After the end of the art, it is only said that we can assess the quality of the work by analyzing whether the artwork has suitable ‘embodied meanings’ for the author's intentions. Carroll insists that the objective evaluation is possible based on whether or not the work has succeeded in achieving his own goals. On the contrary, I argued that the evaluation’s method based on 'Individual narratives' is more useful in evaluating contemporary arts than Danto’s method or Carroll's. I asserted that my method is better suited to the practise of the art criticism than their methods because my method actively reflects the interests of the members of the art community, and offers new values to the art world without difficulty at the same time. I analyzed Danto’s theory, In Chapter 2, and Carroll’s, in Chapter 3. I proposed my method of evaluation by ‘individual narratives’ and explained the merits of this method in Chapter 4.

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