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논문 상세정보

설화 속 정평구의 형상과 전승의식의 다각화

Diversification of form and tradition consciousness

돈암어문학 v.31 , 2017년, pp.205 - 242   http://dx.doi.org/10.17056/donam.2017.31..205

This study examines the consciousness of the enjoyment of folktale traders in the process of folktale through fictitious colors. Jeongpyeong-gu in Jeonbuk Kimje area was a man who invented a flying car during the Japanese invasion of Korea. However, his actions are not recorded in official history books. There has been a long talk between people on the historical level. Then, the documentary records of Jungpyeong-gu are made through the and the newspapers of the Japanese colonial period during the late Confucian Confucian scholar Yoojae Song. In Jeongpyeonggujeon, we could know the name of Jeongpyeonggu and the name of Pyonggugu. The newspapers in the period of Japanese colonial rule confirmed that Jeongpyeonggu invented the same thing that was used during the Japanese invasion. However, Jung Pyeong-gu, the inventor of the unexpected, did not appear in the story of Jungpyeong-gu, The folk tales of the tales were made into a narrator by portraying Jung Pyung - gu as a Lee In - young figure. In the story, Jungpyeong-gu is not a figure that defeats the enemy through an extraordinary act, but rather an ordinary person, who deceives the enemy by devising a trick with wisdom and wit that is done on a daily basis. Thus, the shaping of Jungpyeong in the tale is a people-friendly form. The folktale traders talked about the historical truth of how the people themselves kept their lives in the midst of criticism and incompetence of the incompetent ruling class during the Japanese Invasion of Korea in the form of Jungpyeong-gu. The story of JungPyeongGu is once again transformed into a story of a new figure type through the process of fictional love. It is a story of a gull-like figure that reflects the economic and social realm of the middle and late Joseon Dynasty. The folk tales of Jeonbuk area also rejoice in Jungpung-gu as the protagonist who enjoys the story of a gunman who reflects the changed world. The trait of Jungpyeonggu talent was changed to Jungdang Jeongpyeonggu. Through Jungdang Jeongpyeonggu, the lyricist overthrew and mocked all social ideas and showed an expanded world consciousness.

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