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논문 상세정보

기본소득제의 예상 쟁점 및 정책적 실현가능성에 대한 시론적 연구

An introductory study on the expected issues and policy feasibility of basic income system

사회적경제와 정책연구 v.7 no.2 , 2017년, pp.101 - 133   http://dx.doi.org/10.22340/seps.2017.
김건위, 최인수

The increase of inequality due to the deepening of capitalism, the decrease of jobs due to technological development, and the weakening of the socioeconomic virtuous cycle structure due to the failure of full employment are extending to low growth and anxiety about economic crisis. The accumulation of fiscal deficits in the central and local governments and the rapid increase in household debt have accelerated the crisis situation and the increase in wealth through economic growth has not been linked to the happiness of individual citizens. In this situation, the basic income that the state uniformly pays to all individuals without condition check is attracting attention. In this study, we analyzed the anticipated issues that may arise from the adoption and execution of the basic income system, and examine the feasibility of the basic income system from the viewpoint of socio - ethical, economic, technical and political perspectives. Even if the basic income system is regarded as positive, if the impact on the society such as fiscal expenditure is large, the realistic feasibility is low and it may be difficult to implement the revised basic income tax reform or the basic income tax system itself. Nonetheless, the basic income system will be one of the necessary institutions in the process of seeking the possibility of human sustainable life even in the fourth industrial revolution era. However, this study may have a logical leap in analyzing the past cases in the agenda formation process of the basic income system, and there may be some limitations in the specificity.

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